I am the proud product of Greek ancestry.

Both sets of grandparents emigrated from Asia Minor [Turkey] just after the beginning of the twentieth century and they established themselves here in the United States just as millions of other immigrants did during that era. There were no handouts, welfare, food stamps, subsidized rent. My grandparents worked hard and assimilated into American culture, yet, they still maintained their ethnic identities, traditions and beliefs which were passed on to my parents, and they, in turn, passed those traits and characteristics to me for which I am ever grateful.

Family has always been important to me.

Growing up in Medford, MA, a suburb just outside of Boston, we lived very comfortably in a two family home with my grandparents (mother’s parents) on the first floor and my parents, sister and I were on the second floor. As a result, I grew up with the richness of the Greek culture, heritage and language, which I speak fluently, and the richness of my ethnic and religious traditions of my forebears. It was a wonderful, loving and simple time… growing up in the fifties! Why, we even vacationed at Nantasket Beach each summer and I have many fond memories of that as well.

My mother stayed at home with her children and she helped my father in is business every Saturday when my sister and I were at home from school and overseen by our grandmother. Dad was the sole proprietor of a tailoring and dry cleaning establishment in Cambridge, MA, which provided us a comfortable, but not lavish lifestyle. Dad was also a proud U.S. Navy veteran of the Pacific theater of World War II. He worked hard, but that is what was expected.

As I grew up I emulated those morals and traditions, which I experienced at home and at church and the ethic of hard work, which ultimately will yield reward. We are often molded by our family, our friends and associates and I could never have asked to be growing up in a more loving and nurturing environment. At an early age, I recognized that work and labor are necessary and education as well. Even before I was of legal age to work, I started my own small businesses earning whatever extra money I could.

One of my first jobs during the early fifties was helping out at the florist shop next to my dad’s business.

I did odd jobs, helped deliver flower arrangements, cleaned the floors and at the end of the day I was rewarded with…fifty cents! Remember, it was the early fifties and fifty cents would buy 10 large candy bars (no, I didn’t spend money on candy) or you could take 10 public bus rides. Yes, it was a simple time and, I guess, it is all relative. Perhaps, that is partly why I enjoy collecting and owning the classic cars of that era as it brings me back to those simpler times.

I earned more than enough money which I saved to put myself through college at the University of Massachusetts, buy a very sharp car at the time for commuting and enjoyment, and continue to enjoy life and still work hard.

It was at UMASS that I met my lovely wife Gayle.

Gayle is also of Greek ancestry and grew up along with her grandmother and Greek traditions. Gayle and I were married soon after college graduation. I was then commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in which I served from 1968-1974. Gayle became an elementary school teacher and is now my administrative assistant and coordinator. We have been married for over forty years and we have been blessed with two wonderful children and now, several grandchildren.

I soon entered the insurance/financial services industry of which I have been a part for over forty years now.

I developed a very successful financial planning practice focusing now on pre and post retirement planning which helps place people in more financially secure positions than they ever thought possible.

I produce and host a weekly financial radio program called Planning Your Financial Future.

My Show airs on several radio stations in MA and FL through my SWAN (Sleep Well At Night) network. We reside in MA and FL and have clients in both locations and the practice continues to grow.