When your assets are protected and your financial goals are
achieved, you truly can
sleep well at night.

The Financial Practitioner Who Makes House-Calls

Stefanos Loisou has been involved with financial services and helping people and businesses with their financial security needs for over 40 years. He has been a member of the exclusive Top of the Table group of the Million Dollar Round Table, the recognized international, professional organization emphasizing knowledge, service and commitment to clients and he is a member of the National Ethics Bureau.

Utilizing various strategies, including home equity management, charitable giving, family foundations, and other successful tax and insurance strategies, Stef has been able to assure the enhancement and growth of family assets, and, if desired, see that they become multi generational. His clients’ assets are continuously protected by his SWAN [Sleep Well At Night] portfolio concepts. Many years of practical planning experience and continuous educational updates allow Stef to tailor a variety of financial strategies to address your objectives.

One of his strengths is diffusing ‘the ticking tax time bomb’ represented by 401K/IRA programs and assuring the generational transfer of these assets on a tax favored or even a tax-free basis! When your assets are protected and your financial goals are achieved, you truly can sleep well at night less stress and worry for the rest of your life!

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Radio Schedule

Stef produces and hosts a weekly financial radio program called Planning Your Financial Future and is broadcast on several radio stations in Massachusetts and Florida through his SWAN Financial Network. He has authored articles on planning issues and strategies and has been interviewed on national radio regarding his unique planning strategies and success in his field. He is regularly asked to be a featured speaker at national Senior Market Advisor conferences.

New England Radio Schedule:

Wednesday | 11:00 AM | 102.9 FM HD2
Thursday | 11:00 AM | WCAP | 980 AM
Sunday | 5:30 AM | WRKO | 680 AM

Florida Radio Schedule:

Saturday | 10:00 AM | WENG | 1530 AM
Sunday | 11:00 AM | WCCF | 1580 AM
Saturday | 11:00 AM | WCCF | 1580 AM

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